Terms of Use
The company with the name “Yacht Deals” beneficiary of network place with domain name “www.yachtdeals.gr”, offers her services under the below analytically described terms of use, which each visitor/user of pages site you request she reads carefully and she only proceeds in visit/use of pages and services site, provided that them she accepts completely. In the event disagreement the user is requested in order that he does not proceed in use site, but in order that he notifies in the Company whoever by any chance his observations so that they be always taken into account, inside the limits of possible, the good faith and the familiar exchange morals.


www.yachtdeals.com is the online store for the distribution of products through the Internet of the company "YACHT OF THE SOUTH AEGEAN N.E.P.E.", located at 65 PYTHEON Street in KASTELA, Attica, Greece (TIN: 095517188/ Tax Office SHIPS). Before entering the online store and browsing our website, we invite you to consult the following terms and conditions, which apply specifically to the use of the online store of work-hellas, located at www.yachtdeals.com.
Make sure that you agree with the following terms and conditions because your further use and browsing of the above website www.yachtdeals.com implies your explicit and unconditional consent and consent with them.

The company provides in the visitors/users site crowd of services that consists mainly the benefit of information, publicities every type of/type, in the possibility of use of tools of communication, services of search, mass access of users etc. The total of existing services as well as any new services are included in site being in the present terms of use, unless expressly is forecasted opposite. The visitor user of services site accept completely and unobjectionably that the total of information of/services site is provided “as has” and the Company none responsibility brings in regard to the limited time duration, the deletion, the bad output, the weakness of electronic storage of data of users as well as the any damage, which is potentially caused by the use site. The use site is conditioned by the provisions the Greek, European - Community and International Right, that is binding for each user of/visitor, who is compelled is arranged in them. Besides the user/visitor is compelled to use the content and the services site according to the familiar legislation, the virtuous morals and the present terms abstaining from any energy which can offend the morals and the personality of other visitors of/users or create problems in the order operation site.


The user/visitor that wishes to be registered in the services site will be supposed: • declare his true, complete and being in effect personal elements, as these are asked in site in the relative applications for access in the content/his services, • informs assiduously site immediately for each change of above elements as well as it attends in order that this elements remain permanently precise and complete.


The company maintains the exclusive right, and the user/visitor accepts him, interrupt permanently or provisionally the operation site with or without warning to the users/members.


The company overwhelms each possible effort, in the frames of technological control, in order that the services, the content and the choices site are provided smoothly also without interruption. It is not accountable however in the case where for any reason, included the also case of negligence, is interrupted the operation site or is rendered awkward and/or impossible the access in this , despite the observed metres of safety, is located “viruses” or other harmful software and is transmitted in the terminals of virtuous/visitors, or if third not permitted persons (hackers) intervene in the content and in the operation site rendering awkward his use or causing problems in the equitable operation of this.


The content and the information that is included in a site constitute offer in the visitor of/user and they are not able in no case they are considered as valid information and/or advices neither conceal prompt for the performance of concrete transactions (eg market, renting of ships etc.). The company undertakes the collection, treatment and distribution of content site, does not guarantee however for the correctness, the plenitude or even the availability of content, pages, services, choices of this (site). Then these each user/visitor uses the provided services/information site with his own initiative, undertaking simultaneously and the relative responsibility of Carrefour of information in question.

The company none responsibility brings in regard to the communication of user of/member with third person that is advertised in site. Further the Company is not accountable for any question emerges from by any chance contracting of all texture of commercial transaction between the user of/member and third advertised.


The total of content site (except the expressly reported exceptions, eg. intellectually right third person, collaborators and institutions), i.e. indicatively and no restrictively included, the texts, announcements, photographs, drawings, commercial and economic elements, programs, all nature of files, signals of/logos, form (lay - out) site, is the subject of intellectual thing property of Company and is protected from the relative provisions of Greek Right, European and applied international conventions, about intellectual property. Then these is prohibited expressly the whole or partly copy, distribution, transport, transformation, storage, reproduction, republication, modification and all relevant energy of above elements, without the explicit previous written consent of Company. In different case the above-mentioned energies can constitute offence of rights of intellectual/industrial property of Company, which maintains the right claims all caused to this positive and negative damage according to the provisions of current legislation. The user/visitor/member accepts and it recognizes that the Company has the possibility of commercial exploitation (or from the himself or from third person) the total of elements that is presented in site.


The user/member accepts completely and unobjectionably the exclusive right of Company interrupt the use of/code access in the services site and interrupts the disposal of content and information site each time where it considers this (the Company) that this users they have forced present terms.


Site it includes references in network places, for the content and the services of which none responsibility brings the Company, does not guarantee for their permanent and sure access. Consequently for any problem presents at the visit/use of network places in question the user/visitor owes to be addressed directly in the equivalents web sites, which bring also the exclusive responsibility for the re-establishment of problem in question. The company in no case should not be considered that she accepts or adopts the content or the services the sites and pages in that it refers or that it is connected with them at any way. For any by any chance problem it emerges at the visit of above-mentioned network places exclusive person in charge he is each beneficiary of this place.


The company covers the total of personal data and elements as well as the conditions of concentration, treatment and management of personal data of visitors of/virtuous/members site. In no case with present is not covered the relation between the visitors of/virtuous/members from site and any services that do not being in the control/her property company. The company collects personal data in site:
I. When the visitor user registers itself in his services
II. When it uses his services
III. When it uses the pages site and enters in advertising (or all relevant texture) programs
Each user is compelled to declare his genuine and complete elements as well as to inform the site for each change providing him required information that is required in order that this elements are complete, genuine and informed. Each User declares his personal elements with his consent, knowing that they will be used for the observation of files and their treatment, according to the [N].2472/1997 aiming at the promotion of services site.

The Company is able - and the visitor/user/member accepts him - in the site it can use cookies for recognition from the visitor/user of certain services and his pages. Cookies they are small files of text which are stored in the computer of each user/visitor at his visit in site. Usually they describe elements of visitor of/user, as name (user name) and access (password) aiming at, at his visit in site again, is not necessary the submission of above data on the entry and visit of (user) in site.


For each difference that by any chance emerges in regard to the operation and use site, provided that it is not rendered possible the consensus regulation of this, responsible they are the Courts of Athens. For each difference with regard to the interpretation and the application of present terms and conditions as well as for each other question with regard to the use site, applicable is the Greek Right.


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